19 January 2023, 11:00-12:00hrs, Berlin
Delegation visit – Hon. Mithika Linturi, Kenyan Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Development

During his stay in Berlin on the occasion of the International Green Week trade fair, the Kenyan Minister of Agriculture  and Livestock Development Hon. Mithika Linturi also visited the German Africa Foundation.

During the meeting with DAS President Dr. Uschi Eid and Vice President Christoph Matschie at the Foundation’s office, there were lively discussions about developments in Kenyan agriculture. Not only the Ukraine war or the changes in the climate are pushing for changes, the Kenyan government’s ambition is to exploit the potential of its own agriculture so that the population can be fed sustainably. “Food security is an essential contributor to stability of a country, which is why it is a top priority on the agenda of the Kenyan government,” says Minister Linturi, who has been in office for four months, and continues, “The aim is to increase food production while at the same time create employment, especially for the youth. Also, investments in setting up Kenya’s own fertiliser production are particularly welcome.”

In addition, various approaches were discussed in which German-Kenyan relations and partnerships could be expanded in order to achieve the goals of the ministry and the government.


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