12. December 2022, 17:00 - 18:00hrs, Berlin
Presentation of the German Africa Foundation’s Honorary Award to H.E. Martin Kimani
Discussion: Zeitenwende? On the Future of Multilateralism and African-European Relations

Shortly after the start of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz spoke of a Zeitenwende (historic turning point) in European and global cooperation. Immediately before its start, Kenya’s UN Ambassador Martin Kimani gave a historic speech at the UN Security Council. He stressed that many, if not most of today’s borders are the result of violence and oppression, but cannot be changed back by those means. After their independence, African countries had accepted the borders drawn by colonial powers, which ignored deep historical, cultural and linguistic ties, for the sake of peace and had agreed on the principles of state sovereignty, territorial integrity and peaceful conflict resolution. In this way, H.E. Martin Kimani also summed up the essential line of conflict between supporters and opponents of international law and a rules-based international order.

With his appeal for diplomacy and peaceful conflict resolution, H.E. Martin Kimani contributed to the understanding between African and European positions in this difficult geopolitical situation and thus extended his hand to deepen the African-European and African-German exchange. Against this background, the German Africa Foundation cordially invited you to the presentation of the Honorary Award of the German Africa Foundation to Ambassador Martin Kimani. In a subsequent discussion, you had the opportunity to talk together about the future of multilateralism and African-European relations against the backdrop of the Zeitenwende.




Welcoming remarks:

Dr Uschi Eid, President of the German Africa Foundation


Laudatory speech:

MP Katja Keul, Minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office


Acceptance speech:

H.E. Martin Kimani, Permanent Representative of Kenya to the United Nations


Followed by a discussion



Sabine Odhiambo, Secretary General of the German Africa Foundation

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